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Since 2013 we have been offering professional WordPress website design and CMS support services to small businesses and charities, and since the cosmmercialisation of the World Wide Web circa 1995 we have been helping various companies maintain their sites – managing content, updating or upgrading sites on numerous platforms all the while keeping up to date with current trends. We have also run our own e-commerce and publishing sites so have a vast commercial knowledge.

Today our preference is using the state-of-the-art, award-winning publishing platform called WordPress for setting up new web sites. WordPress powers over 30% of all the websites on the World Wide Web, secure and updated on a regular basis by dedicated developers.

After we have installed your website, we also show you or your staff, if required, on how to gain access and administer the backend of the website.

Website process

We normally work according to four milestones – concept, design, technical and test phases.

Designing a website is a process. The design process consists of four (4) phases: Concept, Design, Technical, and Testing. In the concept phase, we begin work by outlining the basic flow and gathering text and images for the website. In the design phase we create digital artwork for the outlined webpages and integrate the images and text. In the technical phase we enable the website server, domains and add interactive functionality like forms and emails. In the testing phase, we check the entire website to make sure it is operating as expected.

Need help researching a WordPress solution?

We can do research on your behalf to help you decide which solution is the best for your project. Send us your brief and we will take it from there. We send a comprehensive report to you after putting together some ideas. We charge a very small fee for this.

Get started!

To get started, think about what you want your site to represent. Why do you wish to have a new website? How will this help your business? It helps to get all your initial ideas on paper. Get some idea of what you want it to look like – the layout, styles, colours and fonts.

Do you want a one page company information site, or perhaps an e-commerce site selling your products or services, or possibly a combination of the two? It helps to sit down with a piece of paper and write everything down. Add in things like site design ideas, colours, fonts and perhaps links to other sites you like.

Then once you have this information you can send this to us. We will then prepare a detailed project proposal and send this to you at your contact email address.

Once the final design of the site has been worked out, we will install and set up the WordPress CMS and theme on the web host.  After this you pay 50% of the proposal fee. At deployment of the live site we bill you the balance.

Website hosting

We don’t offer website hosting ourselves and prefer to leave that side of things to the experts and concentrate on providing our customers with the best website consultancy and maintenance service we can.

If you don’t already have an existing web host, we can help you find a good one or give you some assistance with this.

You won’t be locked into a hosting contract with us and you can therefore deal with the hosting company directly should you ever wish to update your website in future or move your hosting services.

WordPress theme customisation

We work with reputable theme and plugin developers who actively and regularly update their software with security and other updates. We also prefer working with WordPress plugin developers who offer a full after-sales support service, as we do ourselves. Therefore we only use tried and tested plugins and themes developed by WordPress specialists.

Once the theme is installed and setup we then customise the theme according to your business needs. If your site design includes the need for plugins to be installed and setup, for instance for a booking form or upcoming events or online shop, this is usually included in the project proposal.

Design licenses & maintenance contracts?

You are never locked into a web design service or maintenance contract. Additionally, you own the software license on your WordPress website and are free to handle the updates in future should you so wish.

Content – images and text

Clients normally supply the copy (text content) and images either because they know their business better than we do or they have someone to write their content. If you need help writing up or checking content for your website let us know and we can discuss this further.

If you already have a website that you are wanting to update, we can copy over the content and images if required.


Additionally, we can discuss installing and setting up security plugins that will help to secure your website. Please enquire about this.

Personal service

Our service is personal. You are not dealing with an agency. We will cut through the jargon and lay out the process in plain language so that you are confident knowing that the development of your site will be as pain-free as possible.

Depending on your site requirements, the project could be completed in as little as 5 days.

Get in touch today and find out what is possible to get your business website off the ground and launched into the world wide web.

Ongoing support

Finally, we offer full support for any of the sites that we have designed and deployed. Should you need help with content management, updates of plugins and themes, small style changes, media uploads or shop content updates – we are only an email away!

Read more about our WordPress Support Packages.


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