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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for WordPress website design and are looking to get started and showcase your business on the internet!

Why choose us?

Since the commercialisation of the World Wide Web circa 1995 we’ve been designing, customising and maintaining many different types of websites. From 2013 we began offering professional WordPress website design and a content management service (CMS). Then came troubleshooting problems, updating and upgrading sites on numerous platforms and keeping up to date with current trends.

In the past we have worked in a number of different corporate environments and have run our own e-commerce and publishing sites. We can therefore combine this knowledge and understanding with designing successful websites for businesses.

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Website management service

We offer a personal website service to help small businesses. We love reaching out and helping hard working business owners. We're also sympathetic to how many hats a business owner has to wear. These days it's hard to keep up with both running a business and managing your site.

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Two solutions

Ready-Made Template

For those with a new business and on a tight budget who only want a small site, a ready-made template could be the best solution.

You can choose a theme from ready-made themes which just need installation and content adding. You will have the option of viewing demos of up to three sites and then if you’re happy, you let us know and we will install this and work on the content which you provide.

Custom Made

We also offer a custom solution with bespoke content and design where we do the design and customisations of the site ourselves.

We will design the framework and send you a mock-up of the site for your approval. Then if you’re happy, you let us know and we will install this and work on the content which you provide.

We are happy to discuss a compromise between these two choices depending on your budget and whether you want a booking site or perhaps a complex form. Nothing is set in stone for our WordPress website design offers so please feel free to ask.

Once a theme is installed and setup we then make small customisations according to your business needs. If your site design includes the need for plugins to be installed and setup, for instance for a booking form or upcoming events or online shop, this is usually included in the project proposal whether you have chosen a ready-made template or a custom design.

The draft site is installed on the webhost when the final design of the site is approved after which 50% of the proposal fee is due. At deployment of the live site the balance is due.

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Website Design Services Information

WordPress (WP) is a state-of-the-art, award-winning publishing platform and powers over 30% of all the websites on the World Wide Web.  WP features a secure system with regular updates by dedicated developers. There are thousands of plugins available that extend the functionality of the CMS, offering site visitors many interactive options.

Depending on your site requirements and how fast you send us images, text or other documentation, the project could be completed in 5 to 10 days.

We don’t offer website hosting ourselves but prefer to leave that side of things to the experts, while we concentrate on providing our customers with the best website consultancy and maintenance service that we can.

When we install contact forms, booking plugins, event plugins or shop plugins we always work with reputable plugin developers who actively and regularly update their software with security and other updates. We insist on working with WordPress plugin developers who offer a full after-sales support service. Therefore we only use tried and tested plugins listed on WordPress.

You are never locked into a web design service or maintenance contract. Additionally, you own the software license on your WordPress theme and are free to handle the updates or deal with any support issues in future should you wish to do so.

We do offer a monthly subscription maintenance and update service. Read more about our WordPress Maintenance Packages.

A client would usually supply the copy (text content) and images either because they know their business better than we do or they have someone to write their content. Should you need help writing copy or editing content for your website let us know and we can discuss this further.

If you already have a website that you are wanting to update, we can copy over the content and images if required.

All basic sites are secured with a security plugin. Additionally, we can discuss installing and setting up a security plan that will help to secure your e-commerce website.

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All sites are automatically submitted to the Google Search Console for indexing.

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