WordPress theme updates and support

Updating WordPress

wordpress theme updates and supportIf your current site has been created on a WordPress CMS with a third party theme installed, do you know whether it has been updated to the latest version?

You may be experiencing problems with your website such as display issues on mobile devices or contact forms not working etc. Does the current WordPress theme you have installed have a license that gives you access to updates and support?

Many good developers of WordPress themes will have regular updates available which may rectify any mobile or display issues. Most theme developers are constantly updating their themes as browser issues are highlighted, bugs are fixed and security issues tackled. It’s therefore crucial to have a theme installed on your WordPress site that is easily updatable. This could bring the cost down of maintaining a site because if you have to hire someone to sort out the issues it could significantly increase your website maintenance budget.

That’s why we prefer to use themes that are well developed and supported by the developers and know that we can ask a question if necessary and get a quick response.

Our WordPress website packages use good quality themes developed by first class developers.

We offer maintenance subscription packages for WordPress sites.


Let us take care of your site maintenance with one of our SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES. These include software updates to the core content management system, regular backups and plugin updates.