Web Content Management Systems – Do you need it?

Web Content Management Systems

What it is:

Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) are software that allows different users to author, share and administer websites. They are generally database-backed which means the content is retrieved from a database.

A CMS is useful for search engines as the content changes dynamically instead of a static website with the same content that never changes. Each of these systems has the ability to be enhanced by the addition of extensions, plugins and addons. There are hundreds of CMS to choose from.

Web Content Management

Web content management is the administration and authoring control of a web content management system. Usually companies have staff who are trained to use the CMS the company has purchased.

Usually small businesses cannot afford to have dedicated staff who are trained to update and maintain their CMS. This is where someone like me can step in and take over small tasks. This can be a one-off job or as an ongoing basis.

Lower the cost of your web content management

Using the services of a web content manager can lower the cost of training staff, developing and upkeeping the CMS. If you were to outsource this work and only use when necessary, it could help lower your IT overhead cost.

Quick turnaround

When you need a quick, simple job done fast. We can have any small edits done in 1 day.

Be security aware

We will do security patch management on your CMS and maintain the highest possible standards in getting your site secure from hackers by updating your system and any plugins you may have installed.

Make design changes

Web content management systems allow for the changing of the overall design using stylesheets and graphics. There are also thousands of themes that can be installed which will change the look of the site completely. We can customise any theme to fit the look you want for your webpages. If you have a particular theme in mind that you want installed, we can install and set this up for you.

Choose your CMS carefully

When deciding what CMS you are going to use for your website it pays to do your homework. Select your web content management system carefully and consider all of the pros and cons before you commit. Once you have committed to a system you have to stick with it. It is not so easy to change over later and take all your content with you to a new system.  You may also have to retrain staff which could bump up the costs considerably.

Our services

The three content management systems that we regularly maintain are WordPress, Joomla! and the e-commerce package Magento. All have excellent support from the developers and a community of thousands of addons and plugins designed to extend functionality with equally good support and security updates from the original developers.

Joomla! Content Management Services

Magento Content Management Services

WordPress Content Management Services