Jack Russells are smart dogs

Jack Russells are smart dogs

Watching, waiting…

Nothing escapes Eddie, my Jack Russell. He is a smart dog. He loves nothing better than to sit in front of the window and watch the world go by.

What’s the highlight of the day? Waiting for the post lady to arrive. What a commotion. That’s told her off. I’ve done a good job protecting my space, my owners will be happy with me.

High energy

If I didn’t throw out some of the soccer balls Eddie find on walks, we would have a huge collection. He loves bringing the ball home and then playing dog soccer throughout the lounge. In fact, any kind of toy will be held in his mouth as a sort of prize to bring home and then tear into shreds, leaving us to pick up bits of fluff and stuff off the floor.

He likes a good game of tug the toy. He certainly is high energy all round but you can’t blame him – he was bred for hunting and going to ground to flush out the prey. It’s in his DNA.

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