Help for WordPress

help for wordpress

Help for WordPress

Are you looking for Help for WordPress at a reasonable rate but with quick turnaround? Do you have a WordPress site but not sure who to turn to? Been clicking around Google but still not found someone reliable?

Here is a list of some of the help for WordPress that Web-bit can provide:

  • Small business or individual support
  • Security updates
  • Moving a WordPress site from one domain to another
  • Adjusting design and improvements
  • Help with managing and understanding backend
  • Changes to the theme

Help for small businesses

I offer help for WordPress to small businesses and people who are looking for someone to do small edits, fix issues, install plugins, update content or images, and/or re-arrange widgets on their websites. Contact me with information on what you want done using the form below or you can hire me as a freelancer on People Per Hour. Read more below.

Mary-Ann at Web-bit says

Help for WordPress

See my reputation with support for WordPress.  View my profile and feedback received at the freelance community called People per Hour.


Hire me on people per hour

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