Examples of frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions about our website design services, customisations and web content administration.

I need an update and redesign of the company website to a more current format, preferably WordPress. Can you help??

I can set up a WordPress site including installing a new theme and move over any content you currently have on your old site (up to 10 pages).  If you want to stay with your current webhost, that is no problem. If you need a new webhost I can make a recommendation but it’s entirely up to you who you want to use, as long as they offer WordPress hosting.

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Can you move my WordPress site to another domain name?

Your WordPress site can be moved to a new domain name either on your current webhost or moved to a new webhost.

This can be done seamlessly and quickly within one day depending on your webhost.

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Can you change a few contact details on my site and will it be expensive?

We can make any changes to your website whether small edits like changing the text or adding on more pages. Fees are kept reasonable to accommodate small businesses and individuals.

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Can you upload a YouTube video to my site and display it on a page?

Videos can be embedded into a web page and their dimensions amended according to your site’s page layout. The playback of the video can also be changed to begin from a certain position and can also be set up to not include other videos at the end.

We can create a Youtube Channel for your videos to display on a web page inside your site.

Will you be able to update/manage the content on my new WordPress site which is almost completed?

Yes, we can manage content on any WordPress site. Send us a list of what you want done and we will reply with a proposal.

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I need an events manager plugin installed on WordPress. Can you help & how long will it take?

A plugin can be installed on a WordPress within 1-2 days depending on the type of setup required.  If you know exactly which plugin you want please send me details. If not, I can research and install for you.

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What are your support hours?

Our hours are 9am to 6pm GMT, Monday to Friday.



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