Customisation of existing websites

An example of website customisation service

We offer a customisation service to existing WordPress sites. Here is a list of some customisations we can make. This list is not exhaustive but gives an idea of what type of small customisations we can do for you.

  • Change fonts or colours.
  • Add a header banner.
  • Update your contact form to include social icons.
  • Simple aesthetic updates (minimal).
  • Some simple pages that people can click through to.
  • Design to be in the same look and feel of existing site.
  • Remove Google Adsense codes from backend and from code.
  • Move the search box or minimise it.
  • Remove ‘WP FancyBox’ subscribe pop-up.
  • Increase site speed and compress css/Javascript files.
  • Optimise images.
  • Remove top banner ad.


The customisation of an existing website is done within the constraints of the template/theme or child template and not within the core code. This is so that future core upgrades can be done without losing changes.

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Website management service

We offer a personal website service to help small businesses. We love reaching out and helping hard working business owners. We're also sympathetic to how many hats a business owner has to wear. These days it's hard to keep up with both running a business and managing your site.

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