Bookly – how to set up form with two different services for two different days of the week

Here I explain how to set up the Bookly form to display two different services with two different dates.

In this example we have someone who is a property maintenance person and what he needs is to block out appointments if he only wanted to have people booking appointments on a property on Wednesday’s between 2-4pm and then have a different property on Saturday between 11-1pm.

Here is the process I followed. There are some screenshots below that may help you understand the screens.

  1. Go to the Staff Member menu item
  2. Create 2x ‘Staff members’ (we will now refer to this as properties), one called ‘Property 1 (Saturdays)’ and one called ‘Property 2 (Wednesdays)’. Or whatever you want to call them.
  3. Go to the Schedule tab inside the Staff member: Select which days are off days.
  4. Go to the Days off tab and click on the calender and select which days are off (the days are now coloured red).
  5. Go to Services – create two Categories, one called Property 1 and one called Property 2.
  6. Click onto the category called Property 1 – create a service and make sure that the ‘Provider/Staff member’ is selected e.g. ‘Property 1’.
  7. Do the same for the other one.

Add the form to any page by clicking on the Add Bookly Form button in the editor. Make sure to hide the sections as I’ve got them on the attached screenshot (image 2).

You can edit the wording that appears on the booking form to suit your situation.

Image 1 – Setting the days off


Image 2 – Adding the form to a page

Bookly adding the form

Hope this helps you in some way. :-)